Welcome to the Style column of Floz Visions! The articles you will find here will make you explore and discover the most frivolous, fashionable and artistic side of photography. We will follow the specific itineraries of each Floz issue, talking about lifestyle and fashion in general.

We will discover who are the actors hiding behind photo shoots curtains, the art directors and stylists who contribute to the creation of the final pictures that we will enjoy. We will visit the backstage of various artistic circles seen through the critical and passionate eyes of a stylist and costume designer.


We will pick from time to time some authors featured in the magazine issue and analyze their work from the point of view of stylistic and aesthetic choices, and investigate the influence that such choices have on the final result. We will thoroughly examine the work of the style consultants who take part in the creative processes of the photographers featured in the various columns.

In some cases, we will consider the specific styling of some photographic series, editorials or famous campaigns. We will analyze the most creative or original works, searching for references, style quotes and curios. We will also sneak in the backstage of theaters and photo shoots to investigate how directors choose costumes; we will meet costume designers and discover their work, their relation with the other professions within the theater and movies mechanism, and most of all with contemporary art and fashion. We will also have the chance to take a wide tour, following first-hand the work of certain actors or performers, interviewing them in person, trying to understand the importance of costumes and clothing in their experiences and careers.

When the “Main Thread” of the Magazine will be a particular aesthetic current or trend, we will examine the work of various artists of the same period or scene, or merely sharing original characteristics. We will also run close investigations on the unconventional aesthetics of countertrends and emerging cultures of the European and international scene, with photos, anecdotes and curios.

Trusting that you will find this journey interesting and exciting, we look forward to meeting you in the next issue.