Francesco Romoli



Francesco Romoli was born in 1977 in Pisa, Italy.

In 1998 Francesco became fascinated with computers and six years later he graduated with a Computer Science degree. Then he gradually started mixing his digital skills with photography and ended up becoming a photographer using both analogue and digital techniques. In 2012 he began to study at the Fondazione Studio Maragoni, a contemporary photography school in Florence.

He combines photography with graphic design to create intriguing and surreal images. Photo manipulations are used to mirror them as a reality and at the same time ambiguous and ephemeral. In his works he tests the audience’s capabilities to differentiate reality from those that are not, in fact “material” aspects relating to the physical construction of the set coexist alongside traditional studio photographic techniques and digital manipulation techniques.

“My projects are born from my desire to work on the boundaries between real and unreal, that dream-like area where nothing is as it seems, where certainties vanish and definitions are ambiguous.”


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