Carmen Palermo



“I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.”


I find myself  - sincerely and deeply - in each of these words said by Anaïs Nin and actually I think they are the perfect explanation of why I take photos.


Photography is the easiest way I know to connect me with my inner world and the “other me’s”, to write down some of the stories they tell me and try to understand a little bit more of me and of my nature as a human being.

The Polaroid camera with its slowness and the Impossible Films with their  uniqueness, are the perfect instruments to transform this travel in a cathartic experience almost like theater does.


Taking a photo is not just a technical process but it is almost a performance where you can wear a mask to really reveal  your-self. You experience feelings and you can let them flow until transferring them on Impossible film, and let it become a real and tangible object that allows you to view the entire experience with an external point of view. Then you can analyze what happened, metabolize the feelings and finally let them free to go away.


Instant photography is my own personal “therapy” and for this reason, when my inner part is awakened by a light, a wall, a word, a strong feeling or some particular experience, I take my Polaroid camera and I make self-portraits or when the glance of people, their body or their temper catches my interest I ask them to become my models and be part of my world.


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